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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pacelli: The Flying Cardinal

Cardinal Pacelli and his travels

Pacelli e i viaggi: Because he traveled a lot to establish communication with other States – since Rome was not the center of the world anymore and to help the Church have an important role in the modern world – he was known as flying Cardinal (il Cardinale volante). He traveled to Argentina (for the Eucharistic Congress in Buenos Aires) where he was received as a head of State, as a King, by the government and more than a million faithful. He was almost considered a “vice-Pope.” Cardinals and many Bishops (Archbishops) usually accompanied him. He went to Lourdes (France) in 1935; in 1936 he traveled to the US; in 1937 went to Lisieux (France) for the dedication of the Basilica consecrated to the Little Flower where he condemned the idolatry of race and Communism (in condemnation of the racial laws in force in Germany).

Clip of the election of Pius XII

Election of Cardinal Pacelli

Loose translation/summary of the clip:

Elezione di Pio XII: About what usually happens after the death of a Pope and the preparations for the conclave. At that time, 42 votes were needed to elect the next Pope. After the first voting session, Cardinal Pacelli received 36 votes, after the second session, he received 5 more (41), and after the third voting session, he was elected Pope. It was one of the shortest conclaves in the Church, and at the end he said: Accípio in Crucem = I accept it as a Cross. He was the first Pope to be from Rome since 1670. The Pope himself took pleasure in the fact that his last name Pacelli means Peace from Heaven (Pax Cæli).

Pacelli's War

Pacelli's War

Here is a summary of what is said in the clip:

Guerra di Pacelli: The Pope finds out about Hitler’s plans to invade and take over the Vatican, but he is unwilling to flee. Prince Pacelli does not want any privileges. He multiplied his works of penitence: ate little, no heart in his room, to save paper (recycle), he wrote his drafts (of letters) on the back of used papers; winter of 1944, the Vatican distributed 100, 000 meals each day; many people found refuge at Castelgandolfo; many more were hidden/sheltered (including Jews) in other papal residences and churches. As a form of security, the Pope redoubled the number of soldiers (from 400 to 4000) guarding the Papal residences and churches. The Pope affirmed (May 1950), “Whoever dares to attack Rome will be guilty of matricide.” He was called the last defender of Rome: he was called “Defénsor Civitátis."

Friday, September 29, 2006

Video Clip: Death of Pius XII

Short video of the death of Pius XII

This video is also in Italian, but even if you do not know Italian, it is still worth watching it. It talks about the health of Pius XII, his own premonitions about his health and death, about the rumors that he had visions of Jesus and Mary, and then the procession of his funeral. Just Beautiful!

Pius XII: Papal Blessing

Pius XII imparting a Solemn Papal Blessing.

Some of it is in Italian, and the actual Blessing is in Latin -- well, this was in 1958, not 1988!

A Visual Tribute to the Pastor Angélicus

This is for all those who admire and defend Pius XII!

Cardinal Pacelli at Eucharistic Congress in Budapest

Actress Grace Kelly before Pope Pius XII with Price Ranier

Pius XII declaring the Dogma of the Assumption

Papa Pacelli blessing an image of Our Lady of Arabia

Pastor of souls

Pacelli saying Mass

Il Cardinale Volante

The Pope being carried in procession

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Nothing could better obstruct the confrontation of man with God than the notion that we 'go unto the altar of God' as we would go to a pleasant, relaxing social gathering. This is why the Latin mass with Gregorian chant, which raises us up to a sacred atmosphere, is vastly superior to a vernacular mass with popular songs, which leaves us in a profane, merely natural atmosphere."
-Dietrich von Hildebrand

"Dietrich von Hildebrand is the 20th century Doctor of the Church."
-Pope Pius XII

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pope Pius XII's Franciscan Side

For the full story go to this Jewish Website!
(the bird story starts on paragraph 16)