Society That Thinks Pope Pius XII Rules

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Clip of the election of Pius XII

Election of Cardinal Pacelli

Loose translation/summary of the clip:

Elezione di Pio XII: About what usually happens after the death of a Pope and the preparations for the conclave. At that time, 42 votes were needed to elect the next Pope. After the first voting session, Cardinal Pacelli received 36 votes, after the second session, he received 5 more (41), and after the third voting session, he was elected Pope. It was one of the shortest conclaves in the Church, and at the end he said: Accípio in Crucem = I accept it as a Cross. He was the first Pope to be from Rome since 1670. The Pope himself took pleasure in the fact that his last name Pacelli means Peace from Heaven (Pax Cæli).