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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pacelli: The Flying Cardinal

Cardinal Pacelli and his travels

Pacelli e i viaggi: Because he traveled a lot to establish communication with other States – since Rome was not the center of the world anymore and to help the Church have an important role in the modern world – he was known as flying Cardinal (il Cardinale volante). He traveled to Argentina (for the Eucharistic Congress in Buenos Aires) where he was received as a head of State, as a King, by the government and more than a million faithful. He was almost considered a “vice-Pope.” Cardinals and many Bishops (Archbishops) usually accompanied him. He went to Lourdes (France) in 1935; in 1936 he traveled to the US; in 1937 went to Lisieux (France) for the dedication of the Basilica consecrated to the Little Flower where he condemned the idolatry of race and Communism (in condemnation of the racial laws in force in Germany).